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Coating of Expanded Metal !

Weytec Coating of Expanded Metal

Weytec has got extensive experience concerning Coating of Expanded Metal. The design and manufacturing of different Coating Lines for Expanded Metal as well as the knowledge of the specific manufacturing process of expanded metal itself developed Weytec into a system supplier.

Depending of the customers demands Weytec provides the Expanded Metal, the Coating Lines and the Processing Units to convert the web material into segments or packages.

Based on the specific manufacturing process of the Expanded Metal the web guiding characteristics of this substrate are often different from coil to coil. The design of our Coating Lines reflects the resulting demands of material handling.

The coating technologies for the Expanded Metal depends of the coating medium. At that point we provide our diversified 20 years experienced knowledge of different coating methods.

Therefore we gladly offer any support for the development of new products or production lines.