About us

The WEYTEC Engineering Company was founded 2005.
Since then the manufacturing of expanded metal as well as the design and manufacturing of customized machines and production lines

to handle piece goods,
to converte webmaterial,
to fullfill unique demands
are part of our portfolio.

Based on the cooperation with our partner – the Reuke Steel- and Machinery Company – we are able to deliver the complete range of technic for machines and production lines out of one hand.

With 40 qualified employees working in the design department, manufacturing and installation team we understand us as a partner of our customer with one common target:

On time delivery and adherence to agreed features !

Coating Lines

For the converting of webmaterial such as sensitve textiles as well as robust sheet metals we offer complete production lines and single machines.

The quality of our machines and systems is characterised by the high grade execution of the technique and the customer oriented project accompanying management even beyond the final acceptance of our delivery ratio.

In this connection we have continiously used machines and production lines for different kind of products available. In most of this cases we can offer the technology and know-how in addition to the machinery.



So that you keep your appointments !
Weytec also offers the existing engineering capacities as a service.

Project management and technical documentation
Furthermore, we offer our experience in project management and technical documentation.

We would be pleased to handle complete projects on your behalf, plan the involvement of subcontractors and peripherals, set the basic and detailed deadlines and monitor project progress until handover to production.

The preparation of technical documentation including the necessary hazard and risk analyses in accordance with current legal regulations is also part of our service portfolio.

SCR plate catalysts

Weytec-Engineering GmbH is the world market leader for coating systems on which SCR plate catalysts are produced. These catalysts are used worldwide for the reduction of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas streams of coal-fired power plants. In the manufacturing process an expanded metal sheet is coated on both sides with the active ceramic mass on both sides. Due to the unique design of the coating system in combination with the integrated, robot controlled, assembly of the SCR plates to a complete catalyst, Weytec has achieved a global monopoly position for this process.

Weytec also offers the necessary expanded metal production and can provide the necessary know-how of the active ceramic mass via partners.


As a “spin-off” of Weytec Engineering GmbH, Labcoating GmbH sells coating systems, rewinding and slitting machines, as well as ODF packaging machines. Our customers have access to a test center specially set up for this product portfolio.

Further information can be found on our website at www.labcoating.com


labcoating offers a technical lab for practical testing of coating, slitting and packaging units.